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New In Trend

byNine Gems 6 Years ago
In today’s innovative world, everyone’s looking for something unique, specialized and customized to fit their own story. More and more couples are looking for something that symbolizes their love and affection in a...

Diamond Nose Pin

byNine Gems 6 Years ago
On the tip of your nose, It shimmers like a star, It's the most beautiful thing, I have seen so far

Natural And Synthetic Gems

byNine Gems 6 Years ago
Some of the beautiful gemstones are rare and scarce; therefore it needed to be produced artificially in laboratories, thus came the synthetic gems, which are like “clones” of natural gemstones.

Heat Treated Gemstone

byNine Gems 6 Years ago
Heat treatment can affect the color and character of different gemstones in different ways.

Gemstone Shopping Tips

byNine Gems 6 Years ago
Almost all gemstones are minerals, but only a few minerals are gemstones. To be a gemstone, a mineral must be beautiful, rare and durable. When a gemstone is rare it is hard to find. Some gemstones are rarer than others.