Nine Gems Jewellery

Few masterpiece of jewellery designed and manufactured by Nine Gems.

  • All About Gold

    All About Gold

    We understand that buying Gemstone and Diamond jewellery can be very difficult and sometimes even a frustrating process, while also personal and should be treated with extraordinary attention. Below are important education information about metal you may wish to learn before making your final decision.Read More

    10/03/2017 Nine Gems Jewellery 1209
  • Why women love gemstone and diamond jewellery?

    Why women love gemstone and diamond jewellery?

    You will be hard pressed to find a woman who doesn’t like gemstone and diamond jewellery or is not moved by the mere mention of it. I remember my grandmother and aunts making such a hullaballoo during a cousin’s weddings over diamond jewellery – in the great Indian wedding scene the bride is usually valued as per the jewellery she wears.Read More

    05/17/2017 Nine Gems Jewellery 2021
  • Why youngsters are saying no to diamonds.

    Why youngsters are saying no to diamonds.

    It may not be as glittery or romantic, but saving for a house together or putting money aside to cover future parental-leave shortfall does signify a deeper level of commitment than the traditional diamond ring. That’s a possible explanation as to why among youngster – the generation in full marital swing –gemstones seem to be an increasingly attractive choice.Read More

    03/20/2017 Nine Gems Jewellery 1106
  • Nine Gems Reviews 2016 - Most Insightful Reviews

    Nine Gems Reviews 2016 - Most Insightful Reviews

    It was a great year for us here at Nine Gems. We connected with you, shared with you, heard from you and learned from you. It was great interact with you all over the years on various social media sites.Read More

    01/19/2017 Nine Gems Jewellery 1694
  • Happy Father's Day

    Happy Father's Day

    This month on 19th June, it is Father's Day; a time for us to show some appreciation for our fathers and what they've done for us. The gemstone industry tends to focus on ladies, so we would like to make men the center of attention and present some gems for dads.Read More

    06/16/2016 Nine Gems Jewellery 1248
  • Pearl - Feminine Strength

    Pearl - Feminine Strength

    It’s interesting that pearl is precious item used in this verse in comparison to a women’s value. When an oyster finds a grain of sand or some irritating object inside of it, it continues to smooth and coat the object until over time the point of irritation becomes a pearl.Read More

    06/09/2016 Nine Gems Jewellery 1213
  • New In Trend

    New In Trend

    In today’s innovative world, everyone’s looking for something unique, specialized and customized to fit their own story. More and more couples are looking for something that symbolizes their love and affection in a personalized manner than going for the plain old standard.Read More

    04/28/2016 Nine Gems Jewellery 1643
  • Diamond Nose Pin

    Diamond Nose Pin

    On the tip of your nose, It shimmers like a star, It's the most beautiful thing, I have seen so farRead More

    04/15/2016 Nine Gems Jewellery 1221

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