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After reading a good number of articles about gemstones, you probably feel pretty confident with the level of your newly acquired knowledge.

Before you really set out to buy a gemstone or any other type of gemstone jewellery, you may want to make sure that you know everything for making a good selection.

If you had understood the key concepts about buying gemstone, these are questions you should be able to answer easily. If you can’t, you should probably review the answers and read up a little more at 9gems.in blog.

Anyways, the correct answer (with explanations) is found at the bottom. The topics are mixed up in random order to make sure you can dig up information at the back of your mind. Remember, don’t cheat!


1) What is a gemstone?

2) What is the difference between natural and synthetic gemstones?

3) What is a treatment? Why are gemstones enhanced or treated?

4) In which units is weight of gemstones measured?

5) Why are natural gemstones often clouded by inclusions?

6) On what factors does the price of gemstones depend?

7) Where should you buy gemstones from?


1) Gemstones are amongst the rarest and most desirable products of our planet ‘Natural Gems’ are minerals with few distinct features such as beauty, rarity, durability and acceptability with makes them precious. These features are essential in a mineral to name it a ‘Gem’.

2) Though natural and synthetic gemstones are similar in their chemical and physical composition - the value of these differ drastically. Natural gemstones take an eternity to create where as synthetic gem stones are mass produced in laboratories by human beings, just as simple as other objects are manufactured in few hours or months. Synthetic gemstones lack the factor of rarity and the supernatural powers & energy, thus are priced low.

3) Enhancements are a value addition to the beauty of a natural gemstone through various processes carried on by the human beings to enhance the over all appearance of the gemstone. Generally low and medium grade gemstone are treated/ enhanced to improve the color, clarity or durability of the gemstone. Therefore, treated natural gemstones are priced far less compared to natural untreated gemstones.

4) Weight of gemstones is generally measured in carats. 1 Carat = 0.200 Grams.

5) Natural gemstones are not produced in laboratory with perfection but are produced by mother earth with enormous amount of supernatural energy and power within them. During its formation, crystals of other minerals often enter gemstones. Natural gemstones are also often clouded by feathers which are known as fingerprints of nature. These birthmarks or inclusions also help in differentiating natural gemstones from synthetics.

6) The price of gemstones mainly depends on 4C’s, Rarity, type of enhancement performed, county of origin and fashion/ local demand. There is no international grading or pricing standards set for pricing gemstones other than Diamonds. Determination of prices requires significant knowledge and practical experience about gemstones.

7) As determination of authenticity and prices of a gemstone is very difficult, it is necessary that you buy gemstones from experienced gemologist cum valuers or trusted jewelers who offer a genuine gemstones certificate and buy back guarantee. At Nine Gems, our team comprises of qualified gemologist and highly experienced valuers who are dedicated to continuously improve their skills and knowledge with an aim to sell authentic gemstones at best prices.

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