Happy Father's Day

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This month on 19th June, it is Father's Day; a time for us to show some appreciation for our fathers and what they've done for us. The gemstone industry tends to focus on ladies, so we would like to make men the center of attention and present some gems for dads. With the wide variety of colored gemstones available, there is something to suit every man. Depending on how the gems will be worn or what is preferred, a gem may be in various different shapes, and sizes. Therefore, we would like to introduce some faceted gems and some cabochons that are men's favorites.

When it comes to organic gems, pearl and corals are an attractive option. We have recently acquired some nice natural pearls and corals that would look great in a ring or as an unmatched pair of cufflinks.

As for pendants emerald and blue sapphire would look great, with a silver or gold chain. These can be found in a range of sizes and prices, and from medium to deep color.

Chrysoberyl cats eye is a classic men’s gem that is perfect for rings. They look great in ring because the hand moves a lot allowing the gem catch the light and show off their chatoyancy.

The above gems are by no means a complete lists of jewels worn by men, but are merely a few suggestions. Whether the men in your life are gem lovers or not, Nine Gems wish you all a very Happy Father’s Day.

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