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Dear Nine Gems Patrons 

It was a great year for us here at Nine Gems. We connected with you, shared with you, heard from you and learned from you. It was great interact with you all over the years on various social media sites. You made our Facebook page and our Blog vibrant, lively and rocking.

We are, because you are.

As one year ends and another starts it is time to take stock and assess what were the hits and misses of the year. In which areas we excelled and where we faltered. 

Here are top 10 customer review of 2016 that touched us, made us feel worthwhile in what we are doing.

1) Appreciate the quality and service at Nine Gems. Had bought coral earrings and ring. Each time I wear them I still get a compliment. They are all highly professional and educated staff. Great experience @nine gems


Sneha Jain

2) The experience was great. Not knowing much about the gems I went to buy, they made the gem selection a great experience. with the technical inputs and convincing answers, I feel I have put my money for purchasing the right assets.


Prince Mishra

3) Good quality gemstones at the most competitive rates and great collection of gemstones and gemstone jewellery.


Ankit Katariya

4) Professional staff and quality gemstones. Great place to buy gem stones and I was impressed with quality of my ring.


Raghuveer Kumar

5) Excellent behavior from Nine Gems. They made us chose and buy the gems stone with ease. They have thorough knowledge about the gem stones and is quite friendly. They have a very good collection of gems stones and lot of other stuffs. Trust me, if you visit them once, you would want to visit them again and again.


Rupam Dutta

6) They are very professional and quality of gems and diamonds they sell are genuine. Their suggestions are unbiased and they also share interesting tips on maintenance of the stones. I will any day recommend him to my friends and family.


Bhuvan Kumar 

7) Excellent customer service. The jewellers are certified gemmologists and are very courteous and educative. Quality of products is also very good. Highly recommended.



8) Well to begin with... this was almost a journey for me...For quite some time I was looking out for a place that deals in gemstones and alike...  and doing so I stumbled across Nine Gems online... and also a friend suggested...so it was a "yes" I was sure this is the place I wanted to make my purchase. ... The day me and my husband went to the store we passed through the hustling bustling streets of KR Market...honestly, we never even imagined what we would receive across the single glass door opening to the destination... From the exterior it didn't look like this was a place which will give u one of the best experiences at purchasing gemstones. (it being lodged in the tiny market street...) But believe me this is where you would want to visit to purchase any kind of gemstones be it as a jewellery piece or anything auspicious or astrological.... I met a very knowledgeable and warm person...he guided me and my husband along the purchase perfectly... he told us many things we didn't know and I am sure no one does either...since he is a certified gemmologist.... I have never had such an experience at purchasing any product whatsoever...he makes sure u get what u want...they don't push sale (or manipulate your choices..eg: in case you are buying any gemstones for astrological purpose... they don't opine) More so they don't keep information concealed regarding your purchase...  as a whole they orient you very well ... Apart from giving the certificates and all kinds of purchasing benefits I would like to also mention that they really take care of your product until it's in your hands... The gemstone I purchased somehow got chipped while placing it in the ring and they informed me of the same and gave me an option of making the replacement or me coming over and choosing a new gem all over again... I was really impressed ...they could have simply fitted it and on later date could have told me I didn't take care of it or I broke it...well they didn't and that shows that they know and do their work very well ... and are virtuous too.... I decided to select a new stone (when he even showed me my previous stone n the damage)...So after selecting the new piece they made sure I get it  asap... I received it the very next day which was a Sunday and they made sure I get it since it wasn't possible for us to go on weekdays again.... Overall customer handling is very good and after this super long review... Rest assured you know u have made a good purchase and step out of their doors with a happy heart.... At least me and my husband are very happy.... Way to go Nine Gems...Cheers...I hope I'll be there soon for yet another purchase..


Shivangi Bora

9) My experience with Nine Gems was amazing. They are so helpful and honest which made the purchase effortless and easy, with his helpful and honest personality. Great job!!!  Great knowledge!!!


Chetan Khandelwal

10) Initially I was confused, where to buy natural & genuine emerald. So started googling, found Nine Gems & the customer reviews. Finally headed up to the most crowded market (K. R market) in Bangalore. Reached at Nine Gems. I asked them lot many questions regarding Emerald. They answered all my questions nicely. All Nine Gems team helped me from the choosing of best emerald to get it coupled with a beautiful gold ring. So nice people they are all. Keep up this attitude Nine Gems.


Prasanta Das

So these were the top 10 reviews as per our selection. 

We at Nine Gems thank all of our Patrons who have given reviews. We appreciate the fact that you took time out and shared your experience and several others benefited from your insights, thoughts and experience.

We Wish you a great 2017. May the divine bless you with health, wealth and happiness.

Thank You


Nine Gems

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