Basic Concepts about Gemstones

emerald ringWhat is a 'Gem' ?

Gemstones are amongst the rarest and most desirable products of our planet. 'Natural Gems' are minerals with few distinct features such as beauty, rarity, durability and acceptability which make them precious. These features are essential in a mineral to name it a 'Gem'. Gemstones of various forms and shapes are used in jewelery for adornment and decoration.

Natural History of Gemstones

How are gemstones formed ? How precious are they ?earth Natural gemstones are formed through natural processes within the earths crust taking millions of years to grow. They are formed only when all conditions to form a specific gemstone are satisfied naturally. Through co-incidence, when many natural elements and minerals are assembled at a certain temperature and pressure followed by slow cooling. Every natural gemstone undergoes this process and involves great human effort in finding these sources and mining them, extracting them from ore and shaping them for you. Why Rare ? Gemstone deposits are not found all over the world but they are discovered only in few locations. Out of the total gemstones extracted approximately only 1/4 th is of Gem Quality and out of these less than 5% are more than 3 carats. Thus finding a clear-transparent (non included) and beautifully colored gemstone is very rare. How much are you paying for such a precious gemstone ?

Natural Vs Synthetic !

Natural Ruby RoughSynthetic Ruby Rough

Though natural and synthetic gemstones are similar in their chemical and physical composition - the value of these differ drastically. Natural gemstones take an eternity to create where as synthetic gem stones are mass produced in laboratories by human beings, just as simple as other objects are manufactured in few hours or months. Synthetic gemstones lack the factor of rarity and the supernatural powers & energy, thus are priced so low.

Enhanced Vs Un-Treated Gemstones !

Un-Treated gemstones are very rare therefore are priced so high that they are far out of the reach of common men. Natural gemstones are not produced in laboratories with perfection but are produced my mother earth with enormous amount of supernatural energy and powers within them, therefore they might lack the beauty factors. Here comes the need of enhancements. Enhancements are a value addition to the beauty of natural gemstones through various processes carried on by human beings which were left out by nature to enhance the overall appearance of the gemstone.

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