Frequently Asked Questions.

What is a gemstone ?

Gemstones are amongst the rarest and most desirable products of our planet.‘Natural Gems’ are minerals with few distinct featuressuch as beauty, rarity, durability and acceptability which make them precious. These features are essential in a mineral to name it a ‘Gem’. Gemstones of various forms and shapes are used in jewelery for adornment and decoration.

How are gemstones formed ?

Natural gemstones are formed through natural processes within the earths crust taking millions of years to grow. They are formed co-incidently, when all conditions to form a specific gemstone are satisfied naturally. It also involves great human effort in finding these sources and mining them, extracting them from ore and shaping them for you.

Why are natural gemstones rare ? Are gemstones expensive ?

Gem mines are not found all over the world, but they are discovered only in few locations. Out of the total gemstones extracted approximately only 1/4 th is of Gem Quality and out of these less than 5% are more than 3 carats. Thus finding a clear-transparent and beautifully colored gemstone is very rare. How much are you paying for such a precious gemstone ?

What is the difference between natural and synthetic gemstones ?

Natural gemstones takes millions of years to form naturally inside the earth’s crust, but synthetic stones are mass produced by humans in a laboratory within few hours / days. Therefore even though synthetic stones are sometimes more beautiful than natural, they are inexpensive. synthetic stones lack the super-natural powers & energy of Natural Gemstones therefore they are not recommended for astrological purpose.

What is a treatment ? Why are gemstones enhanced or treated ?

Enhancements are a value addition to the beauty of natural gemstones through various processes carried on by human beings to enhance the overall appearance of the gemstone. Generally low and medium grade gemstones are enhanced / treated to improve the color, clarity or durability of the gemstone. Therefore treated natural gemstones are priced far less compared to natural un-treated gemstones.

Do gemstones work ?

Yes, they do. But it is necessary to wear a perfect natural gemstone recommended by a qualified astrologer. Better the quality of the gemstone, better and faster are the results you achieve. For more information consult an astrologer.

In which unit is weight of gemstone measured ?

Weight of gemstones is generally measured in Carats. It may also be measured in Ratti.


On what factors does the price of gemstone depend ?

The price of gemstones mainly depend on 4C’s (Color, Clarity, Cut & Carat), Rarity, type of enhancements performed, country of origin and fashion/local demand. Apart from these factors, market prices of gemstones are affected by various other factors. There is no international grading or pricing standards set for pricing gemstones other than diamonds. Determination of prices requires significant knowledge and practical experience about gemstones.

Where should you buy gemstones from ?

As the determination of authenticity and prices of a gemstone is very difficult, it is necessary that you buy gemstones from experienced gemologist cum valuers or trusted jewellers who offer a genuine gemstone certificate and buy back guarantee. At Nine Gems, our purchase team comprises of qualified gemologists and highly experienced valuers who are dedicated to continuously improve their skills and knowledge with an aim to sell authentic gemstones at best prices.

Why are natural gemstones often clouded by inclusions ?

Natural gemstones are not produced in laboratories with perfection but are produced by mother earth with enormous amount of supernatural energy and powers within them. During its formation, crystals of other minerals often enter the gemstone. Natural gemstones are also often clouded by feathers which are known as fingerprints of nature. These birthmarks or inclusions also help in differentiating natural gemstones from synthetics. Colored Gemstone clarity types classified by Gemological Institute of America (GIA):

Therefore finding a Eye Clean Emerald is very much rarer than finding an Eye Clean Hessonite Garnet. Diamonds are graded based on GIA Grading Scale which is different compared to colored gemstones. Corals and Pearls are organic gemstones which are always semi-transulucent to opaque.




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