Diamond Nose Pin

byNine Gems 5 Years ago
On the tip of your nose, It shimmers like a star, It's the most beautiful thing, I have seen so far

Natural And Synthetic Gems

byNine Gems 5 Years ago
Some of the beautiful gemstones are rare and scarce; therefore it needed to be produced artificially in laboratories, thus came the synthetic gems, which are like “clones” of natural gemstones.

Heat Treated Gemstone

byNine Gems 5 Years ago
Heat treatment can affect the color and character of different gemstones in different ways.

Gemstone Shopping Tips

byNine Gems 5 Years ago
Almost all gemstones are minerals, but only a few minerals are gemstones. To be a gemstone, a mineral must be beautiful, rare and durable. When a gemstone is rare it is hard to find. Some gemstones are rarer than others.