Pearl - Feminine Strength


As a daily routine I was going through pleasing quotes written by various poets and leaders were I came across with this worthwhile verse.

“Who can find a woman of courage? Her value is far beyond pearls.”

It’s interesting that pearl is precious item used in this verse in comparison to a women’s value. When an oyster finds a grain of sand or some irritating object inside of it, it continues to smooth and coat the object until over time the point of irritation becomes a pearl. So too, a wise woman in her relationship with herself and others will exercise patience and kindness in dealing with difficulties until she eventually transforms her hardship into something valuable and beautiful.

Traditional pearl jewellery for the royals

When we contemplate the deep meaning of the verse, there is something very special about woman wearing pearl jewelry and internalizing the positive message of using feminine strengths to build herself and those around her.

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