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Things you must consider before buying online from Gemstone Portals

In general, it is safe to buy gemstones online as long as you take the necessary precautions. Here are some tips to help you have a safe and successful online gemstone shopping.

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Why women love gemstone and diamond jewellery?

You will be hard pressed to find a woman who doesn’t like gemstone and diamond jewellery or is not moved by the mere mention of it. I remember my grandmother and aunts making such a hullaballoo during a cousin’s weddings over diamond jewellery – in the great Indian wedding scene the bride is usually valued as per the jewellery she wears.

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Burma Rubies vs Other Sources: Is There a Difference in Quality?

We all know that the ideal color for ruby is bright red color. That’s the fact that fine quality of precious gem stone revolves around color and inclusions. But, which Ruby we should buy? This complete post is all about which Ruby is best.

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Are Bigger Gemstones Better? Understanding the Factors that Affect Gemstone Quality

What’s the first reaction or question that comes to your mind when hear about a new diamond or gemstone jewelry purchase? Without a doubt, questions associated with “What’s the carat size/weight of the gemstone?” would instantly come to mind.

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Pearl - Feminine Strength

It’s interesting that pearl is precious item used in this verse in comparison to a women’s value. When an oyster finds a grain of sand or some irritating object inside of it, it continues to smooth and coat the object until over time the point of irritation becomes a pearl.

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June Birthstone: The Pretty Pearls

Pearls are classic, elegant and a staple to any girl's wardrobe. Go ahead and see for yourself how vast and popular this gem is by counting how many women you see wearing pearls.

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Gemstone - Beauty, Longevity, Rarity

The three main quality of gemstone that attract people are- the beauty, longevity and rarity which makes them stand out from the world of inanimate nature.

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Natural v/s Synthetic Gemstones.

Due to the rarity and scarcity of some Natural Gemstones, they are produced artificially in laboratories to create synthetic gems, which are similar to natural gemstones. Synthetic gems are often referred to as "clones" of natural gemstones.

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Understanding Heat Treatment: The Process of Enhancing Rubies and Sapphires

Rubies & Sapphires are often heated as a way to improve their Color and Clarity. When a ruby or sapphire is heated, it can become a deeper, more vibrant color. Heating can also help to remove impurities and internal fractures within the gemstone, which can make it appear more transparent and lustrous. The process of heating rubies and sapphires is a common practice in the gemstone industry and is generally considered a safe and acceptable treatment. However, it is important to note that heat treatment may affect the value of a ruby and sapphire, as untreated gemstones are generally considered more valuable.

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